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Who We Are

Where reliability KNX to the grid

KNX Utility Services is a transmission and distribution electrical contractor providing clients with superior construction, storm response services, inspection, and repair. When the power goes out KNX is prepared to assist with trained crews, industry-leading experience, a safety-first mindset, and integrated solutions for projects of all scopes and sizes.

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Industry Expertise

There is a lot more to safe, quality driven linework than one might realize. Our team works to ensure the priority of the public’s safety and the utilities success are met regardless of the project, terrain, or job.

Powerful Standards

Powerful Standards

Not all utility contractors operate at the same level. Our company sets the standard when it comes to electrical services, making certain our work matches your needs with safety,  professionalism, quality and efficiency.

Powerline Work

Powerline Work

KNX has experts that have been responsible for hundreds of projects and countless miles of powerline construction and inspection. Clients come to us for our reputation and reliability.

Who We Are

Many contract electrical services. One partner.


Reliable, safe, and experienced employees that perform quality work at or beyond the customer standards.

Storm Management

You can rely on our Storm Response Management Team to asses the damage, keep teams on track and on schedule.

Accurate & Timely Reporting

We provide timely reports that identify the urgency of repairs needed.

Storm Response

We provide fast, reliable, and safe emergency power restoration.

Ground & Climbing Inspections

Let us find the problems before they cause bigger problems for your customers.

Aerial Inspections

We provide the expertise needed for major inspections as needed.

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